Friday, December 10, 2010

What We Believe, Part 7: American Exceptionalism

Bill Whittle in the last segment of the firewall series outlines his beliefs in American exceptionalism, that it was built into the country's beginnings by the founders with the way they structured our form of "limited" government, and gave each individual the personal freedom to fail or succeed according to talent or ability... an aristocracy of merit if you will. Do you agree with Whittle?

Personally, I would expect the leader of any country, state, city or corporation to believe that the entity they lead is exceptional and they are doing everything in their power to keep it exceptional. Any leader who doesn't feel this way should not remain in a leadership position.

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  1. Passionate guy, but I'm going to have to question the idea that government in the U.S. is "limited" these days. Are spending levels really so different than in European countries and elsewhere? Paying less taxes by shifting the balance to debt does not mean government is smaller; it only means that the costs will be that much greater down the road. With all of the spending and all of the interventionism, tt would take quite a feat to get goverment back to a "limited" scope.