Monday, December 27, 2010

My Take on Facebook

While I don't have quite the same feelings as the gentleman above about Facebook, he does have a point. Facebook is a tremendous time waster and leads to superficial social contact. With the movie The Social Network and Mark Zuckerberg being named Time's Person of the Year, Facebook has been all over the news of late. Stock has recently been sold that report values the company at close to $56B (way overpriced in my opinion). But I find little use for it in my personal life, and resent it's intrusion on my free time. I will be happy to never log into Facebook again as long as I live, and I won't miss a thing of any significance. I'm sick of reading travelogues of people's comings and goings.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for technological advancement and using the web as a source of learning. I believe all this recent publicity signals the height of Facebook's fortunes. My guess is that the next 10 years will show Facebook to be one of the AOLs of the world as their popularity declines and they are replaced by the next upstart with a revolutionary idea.

I'll close with a video referred by Suba@wealthinformatics:


  1. I use facebook to promote my blog but really for nothing else. I have a personal account but never use it. I see others use it for every move they make. It makes life easy if your a stalker.

  2. I don't use Facebook...I don't have the time. Liked the movie though.

  3. I stopped using FB for my personal interests a long time ago. I do use it for my blog as a marketing tool. I totally understand how you feel about FB and where you are coming from. It is a waste of time. Seems like the same people talk about the same stuff all the time.

  4. I use facebook, but I still can't get it. I mean people, husband and wife, mind you, talk to each other on facebook. They post on their status that she loves him, etc. Why can't you just say that to him and spare us. I guess I am too old for fb.

    Have you seen this song by David Ippolito?

  5. I stopped using Facebook a while back myself. It seemed like just a big waste of time. It is a good way to find long lost friends, but that is about it.

    Suba, thanks for the link to the song. I hadn't watched that video before.

  6. I am rooting for Diaspora since at least the information would be more decentralized.

    As for Facebook, I use it every now and then, and it can be good for connecting with those long-lost people, but a lot of it really seems to be some variation or another of "who has a bigger dick" and other pointless time wasters. I only check it every month or so these days.