Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Get Ready for Higher Energy Prices: EPA Moves to Unilaterally Impose Carbon Caps

Piers Corbin, routinely mocked by the global warming true believers, has been uncannily accurate with his weather predictions. In the video below he gives his assessment of the global warming "science," and put forth his prediction we are in the early stages of a cycle of global cooling.

Meanwhile back in the strange world of politics (where up is down and down is up), what could not be accomplished through legislation will now be implemented through regulation. Congresses failed attempts to pass the Cap and Tax bill have forced the administration to move to Plan B-- EPA mandates. The EPA said it would regulate fossil fuel power plants and petroleum refineries — which together emit nearly 40 percent of US greenhouse gases — starting in 2012.

"We are following through on our commitment to proceed in a measured and careful way to reduce greenhouse gas pollution that threatens the health and welfare of Americans and contributes to climate change," EPA chief Lisa Jackson said in a statement.

Of course, "climate change" is an interesting term now that "global warming" has become the butt of jokes. The climate does nothing but change every day, and has done so since the beginning of time, before man was even on the earth or discovered fire or fossil fuels. Now any weather fluctuations can be blamed on greenhouse gases and carbon emissions-- whether it is hot or cold or dry or wet, horror of all horrors, it's caused by climate change. We are already seeing this play out around the world, and nothing could be more ridiculous, or more revealing about just how little the global warming advocates really know about the climate.

But what's the real end game here? It is two-fold: 1) the government desperately wants to increase it's revenue through additional taxes and fees on energy, and 2) green energy sources are less efficient and more costly than fossil fuels, so to make green energy viable in the market the cost of traditional energy sources must at least double. The master planers must lead the people to the nirvana of renewable energy no matter what the costs.

If there ever was reason to significantly reduce funding to the EPA, this is it.  112th Congress, are you listening?


  1. If nothing else, you gotta love the hair.

    The school my kids go to were showing 'An Inconvenient Truth' a couple years ago. I told my kids they could stay home from school and we could watch a good movie. But, my oldest acted up and so his punishment was to go to school that day and watch the movie. My crowning achievement as a mother. He is educated now.

  2. Piers certainly looks the part of the prototypical mad professor, and the global warming crowd absolutely despises him because he is constantly making them appear foolish.