Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dihydrogen Monoxide Is The Latest Greenhouse Pollutant That Must be Banned

This will be my last post making fun of the UN COP 16 conference in Cancun. I promise.  My old buddies Penn and Teller caught onto the climate scam early on and it's main goal of extracting money from the gullible.  In this video from 2006, the dynamic duo convince well meaning, but not particularly bright people to sign a petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide, which is an “evil” chemical found in our lakes, rivers, oceans, our food and has even been absorbed into our bodies!.  That is H2O for those of you who took high school chemistry.

Yes, these folks signed up to ban water. Now watch the video from the Cancun climate conference. You’d think these sophisticated delegates would be have enough science background (from their work in complex climate issues) to realize what they are signing, but sadly, no.

HT: Watts Up With That


  1. Will you sign my petition to ban oxygen?

    Please keep ripping on the conference since I enjoy it so much. (The background music makes me want to hop on an evil fuel-laden jet and go to the Bahamas.)

  2. I saw that show. I called in Mrs. 101 and the boys and we all had a good laugh. The one on recycling is also great!

  3. They have one on bottled water (or should I say filtered tap water) that was pretty good also.