Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gore Effect Strikes UN Cancun Climate Change Conference

Activists from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) light candles representing the earth as they demonstrate, calling for a catch up plan to prevent climate change, on the sidelines of the UN Climate Change Conference COP16 in Cancun December 5, 2010. (Reuters)  However, they seem to be unconcerned with the amount of carbon this symbolic demonstration is admitting into the atmosphere as well the carbon discharged as they jetted into Cancun from all over the world.

Once again the Al Gore effect has struck the UN climate change meeting in this sunny, tropical location.  Temperatures reached a frigid 54 degrees overnight, setting a record low for this date.


  1. It's also quite telling (to me anyway) that they only focus on North and South America. Where is the rest of the world in their little candle globe? China is the #1 polluter. India has kajillions of cows emitting methane. Russia has no environmental cares or concerns, not to mention the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe ...

  2. I love the irony of the cold temperatures.

    I agree with Ron above. Why is the US labeled as so evil when there are so many other countries polluting the world like mad?

  3. I've been to China and yes, it was awful. You actually could feel a metallic taste of pollution in your throat. Can't say anything about Russian but the US is not that bad. In fact it is much cleaner than some other countries in the world.