Friday, December 31, 2010

Markets in Everything: The Foam Weapon League

The Foam Weapon League is an alternative sports league that combines the best of live action role playing and martial arts, featuring male and female Warriors drawn from all walks of life, battling one-on-one in a combat circle using foam rubber weapons.

Like the WWE, each FWL Warrior has their own sci fi- or fantasy-inspired combat character name, as well as a distinctive costume to go along with it. Like a video game brought to life, Warriors wear whatever kind of makeup or costume they desire, and fight with the foam rubber armor and weapon of their choice.

Like the UFC, all FWL fights are 100% real and are not staged or choreographed in any way. FWL Warriors are real athletes who use real martial arts skills, but instead of grappling with or striking
opponents with hands and feet, they are only allowed to strike each other with approved foam rubber weapons.

In order to simulate a battle fought with real weapons, Warriors wear harnesses with bags of fake blood attached at strategic points on the body. The first Warrior to break two of his opponent's blood bags wins.

"Fake blood. Real fighting."

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  1. It just isn't the same when there's no risk of dying... imagine being in those battles of old, with an angry, hungry mob rushing toward you, and little chance of survival, but a good chance of a gruesome death. I would probably be scared shitless.

  2. You can't recreate the Roman Colosseum without putting it all on the line. But, on a serious note, I doubt this endeavor will survive more than a year.