Monday, December 6, 2010

The GM "Thank You" Ad

The new GM "thank you" ad from Goodby Silverstein & Partners is currently running on TV. While I guess I'm happy GM is publicly thanking the politicians and taxpayers for bailing them out, the ad in general irks me. How many false analogies can you identify? Or maybe I should ask-- can you spot the one accurate analogy? It's the Delta's of the movie Animal House refusing to accept the consequences of their own irresponsibility. Not so long ago GM was the market leader and dominant car maker in the world. But years of arrogance, sloth, lack of creativity and financial mismanagement lead them to the brink of bankruptcy. I certainly hope GM has changed at least enough for the stock to rise into the mid 50s so the taxpayers can get their full "investment" back, but ads like this make me believe little has changed with the company.

1 comment:

  1. This ad is insulting and a sad expression of a failed policy. Animal House was the perfect example of how GM performed. If I had any say I would of closed the company and sold off the pieces. But I'm no beholding to the unions.