Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sage Advice


  1. This guy cracks me up...

    Once when kidnapped, his kidnappers started to sympathize with him, a phenomenon now known as "reverse Stockholm syndrome."

  2. The Dos Equis' guy is a riot. Here are a few of my favorite lines:

    When it is raining, it is because he is sad.

    Even his parrot's advice is insightful.

    If there were an interesting gland, his would be larger than most men's entire lower intestines.

    His shirts never wrinkle.

    He is left-handed. And right-handed.

    Even if he forgets to put postage on his mail, it gets there.

    He once knew a call was a wrong number, even though the person on the other end wouldn't admit it.

    You can see his charisma from space.