Monday, January 10, 2011

The Ten Greatest Trades of All-Time

International Business Times – Top 10 greatest trades of all time:

1. John Paulson’s bet against subprime mortgages
2. Jesse Livermore’s call on the Crash of 1929
3. John Templeton’s foray into Japan
4. George Soros’ breaking of BOE
5. Paul Tudor Jones’ shorting of Black Monday
6. Andrew Hall’s $100 oil prediction
7. David Tepper’s 2009 bet on financials
8. Jim Chanos’ prescient shorts
9. Jim Rogers’ early call on commodities
10. Louis Bacon’s geopolitical play

I've heard of most of these trades. They are all large macro calls, and don't include individual stocks, like going long Apple, or short Enron, MCI, AIG, GM, etc. I'm surprised they don't call out anyone shorting Japan after their dizzying bull market of the 1980s, or shorting dotcom in the 1990s.

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  1. Interesting observations. Although Buffett didn't short, he stayed and was subject to a considerable amount of nasty criticism in the press. To me sometimes the greatest trades are the ones not made.