Friday, January 7, 2011

Still Radical After all These Years

The reading of the Constitution in the House of Representatives this week caused quite a stir. Many dismissed the act as a publicity stunt, and this may well be true, only time will tell. However, I view things a bit differently. Every elected government official swears an oath to uphold the Constitution, but I doubt many have read the document or know much about it on either side of the aisle. How can they uphold their oath of office if they don't understand the document they are swearing their allegiance to you might ask? Exactly the point of reading the Constitution. It could be read 100 times to some of the Dukes and Duchesses in Congress and they still wouldn't understand it. The concept of "enumerated powers" and limited government seems totally alien to the thinking of our modern day politicians. But that doesn't mean the effort shouldn't be made. Same applies for much of the judiciary.

A quote from the Washington Times:
What was most remarkable about this was the almost hysterical opposition from congressional Democrats and left-wing commentators. In what should have been a united celebration of the nation's foundation document in a period of partisan rancor, liberals instead reinforced the view that they are profoundly uncomfortable with the essential truths underlying American freedom.

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