Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Index of Economic Freedom

I find it troubling the US keeps slipping further down this list each year, now to position #9. If we truly are the shining beacon of freedom to the world, and the last, best hope for humanity we should be in the top three.

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From the executive summary:
"Economic freedom advanced this year, regaining much of the momentum lost during the fiscal crisis and global recession. Many governments around the world have rededicated themselves to fiscal soundness, openness and reform, and the majority of countries are once again on a positive path to greater freedom."


  1. It would be interesting to look into these numbers a bit. I notice a couple of countries ahead of us have bigger government sectors. Also, we have the lowest score on property rights of the top 9.

  2. The devil is always in the details of how the scoring was conducted. I have a hard time believing Ireland, for example, has more economic freedom than the US.

  3. I too was surprised by some of the countries ahead of us in the list.

    However, I am not sure having an insane amount of debt and such paves the road to economic freedom. I actually find debt a little constraining...