Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Evidence of Global Warming: Snow in 49 States

As evidence continues to grow that global warming is a real, man-made phenomenon, what more supporting evidence is required than here in the US we now have snow on the ground in 49 of the 50 states, the sole exception being Florida.  Paradoxically, much of North America has been experiencing a colder than average winter this year, and the UK has experienced their coldest winter in 1000 years.  It should be no surprise to anyone that this is caused by the buildup of carbon in the atmosphere, and though our kids have forgotten what snow looks like with the alarming rise in global temperatures they can still relive the experience by buying snow cones from the local Eskimo stand.  

Someone I work with who lives in Huntsville, AL sent me the photo below.

This picture has obviously been digitally altered, because there is no way anyone in Alabama could have snow on the ground.  I totally discount the local newspaper reports that Homer Gantry, of Homer's Auto and Body Shop fame, was unable to get his ancient snow plow attached to his pickup truck and now the good folks of Huntsville will just have to wait until the big thaw before they can get their cars on the road again to create more global warming.


  1. We drove to Florida from Michigan in February of last year, and I had visions of opening the car windows and shedding jackets as I headed south. At 6:30 am, we were in Georgia and snow and ice was everywhere. The roads were a disaster because they are not equipped to handle such precipitation. Needless to say, Florida was pretty darn chilly, although not snowy.

    Of course, it is all because of global 'change' as it is now called since global warming sounds so ridiculous. Regardless of what the weather is, Al Gore is right, we just have to change the definitions to fit what is going on.

  2. I grew up in Virginia. They were not equipped to handle snow there at all, even though they got a handful of snow storms every year. Places like Georgia or Alabama..... forget it.

  3. I love the bunny on the tree!!! What a crack-up :)

    Actually it does snow in Florida. The biggest event was in the 1990's with 4 inches of snow in the panhandle. There were at least 14 events in the 2000's with snow reported as far south as Ft. Pierce! Which I find personally astonishing!

    So far since January of 2010 there have been 8 snow events. Amazing but true :)

    Of course, since I grew up in Colorado the minor frozen precipitation that Florida gets is not on the scale I'm used to ;) but I guess its further proof for ya that our world is indeed changing!

    And yes, schools in Florida close for 1/2 inch of snow or precipitation :))

    Love the bunny!!!!