Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Man Named Pearl

This guy is truly amazing and an inspiration.

Here is his John Deere commercial.

Below is a spotlight on Pearl Fryar, who was inspired by neighborhood bigotry to create a topiary paradise in his own yard, from Ovation TV, which predates the John Deere commercial. Narrated by Forrest Sawyer.

Pearl’s inspiration to create this magnificent property was when he heard that his neighbors didn’t want him, as a black man, in the neighborhood because he “wouldn’t keep up the property.”

Here is a link to the documentary about Pearl.

As you are counting our dollars and cents, watching budgets and investments at home and in the blogsphere, don't forget to use your creativity in a positive way.


  1. That is incredible that he created such an amazing garden. I bet he showed those people who thought he "couldn't keep up his yard".

  2. I guess it is his neighbors who can't keep up now.