Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Edison2 Wins Mainstream Class of Progressive Insurance X Prize

Late last week it was announced that the Edison2 vehicle won the $5M X Prize for competition to create a production-capable, well-performing, low-emissions and safe 100+ MPG car. One hundred and eleven teams from 15 countries entered the competition a year ago. This car was developed in my hometown, which is more noted for fundamentalist preachers and the birthplace of the moral majority than a hotbed of high technology. The design combines sound physics with innovative design, to create a car that uses light weight and low aerodynamic drag to usher in a new era of automobile efficiency. The model that won is capable of holding 4 people and used a 1 cylinder, 250 cc engine that is capable of speeds over 100 mph and has a range of greater than 600 miles on its 6 gallon gas tank. The development team intends to use the prize money to create a production vehicle and is looking for a production site in Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and Michigan.


Edison 2 X-Prize from Johnny St.Ours on Vimeo.

More About the X Prize


  1. Quite an interesting car... I would be afraid of getting T-boned by a big Suburban while in that, though.

  2. I don't know what their production car will end up looking like, but I think I'd drive an Edison2 before a smart car any day of the week.

  3. That's a very sleek looking car. I certainly wouldn't want to drive that car everyday (not my only car), but it would be a VERY fun toy!

  4. At a 100 mpg, I'd consider using it to commute to work.