Thursday, October 21, 2010

The War on Salt in the Big Apple

Chefs are increasingly worried about government intervention. "It's my career," said Michael Ferraro, Executive Chef of The Delicatessen. Jason Hall, Chef de Cuisine of Gotham Bar and Grill, recognizes the threat to culinary freedom advocates of the Bland New World pose. "I don't know how they would police it," said Hall. "Are they going to come in with salt probes?"

Why should governments care about how much salt their citizens consume? Do public dollars being doled out for healthcare give bureaucrats the right to dictate what people can and can't eat or drink? Is government healthcare a license to regulate and control people's bodies?


  1. No. There is clearly not a right to control our salt intake. Even the mere thought of this makes me think of a police state. Yikes!

  2. In my opinion, when the state starts trying to tell people what they can eat or drink, regulations have gone too far, and some politicians need to be shown the door.