Monday, October 25, 2010

Finally, When Everyone is Equal, Only the Outlaws will be Extraordinary

2081, A Movie Trailer, Based on Kurt Vonnegut's Short Story "Harrison Bergeron"

In this cinematic parable, the exceptionally skilled, beautiful, strong, and intellectually endowed are “made equal” with their average fellow men by means of a variety of restraining agents-- weights, masks, and taser-like devices that interrupt thought and impede movement. Anyone tested by the state and deemed to be above average is required by law to be fitted with one or more of these restraints or “equalizers.” The penalty for removing them is imprisonment


  1. It's hard to imagine things becoming like this, because it's direct and obvious... and I think this perhaps the govt. in perhaps all too "favorable" of a light. The hardcore equalizer states, Russia & China under communism, were actually two-class states: The political elite and everyone else. I wonder how this movie will portray things, but the idea does look interesting.

  2. The full text of the story can be found at I'm sure the movie embellishes the story quite a bit. And, you're right, the handicaps aren't and in the future won't be this blatant. The pols wouldn't create a position called the Handicapper General; they will think of something more innocuous.