Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Problem with Elitism

Do you agree or disagree with Bill Whittle?


  1. I don't know. Is Limbaugh an elitist? How about all the conservatives who spent this country into a sinkhole behind the Bush dynasty?

    Are all the individual processors of foreclosure documents smarter than the people in Washington? Did they know the best way to process the documents? Did they even care about property rights in this country?

  2. All good questions, Robert. I'd say that Limbaugh is an elitist entertainer-- the opposite end of the political spectrum from Oliver Stone or Michael Moore. They attempt to persuade through their point of view, but the public is free to listen or not listen, share their points of view or reject them.

    I don't think think the individual processors of foreclosure documents are any smarter than the people in Washington or any less smart (quite frankly, the people in Washington are no where near as smart as people are lead to believe). I can't tell you the percentage they processed properly verses what they just rubber stamped without verifying accuracy and how many people have been foreclosed that shouldn't have been. This whole MBS thing is a gigantic mess.

  3. Our elected nobility has been accustomed to being noble. And in practice, nobles don't overly concern themselves with the peasants, except that they till the fields, bring in the harvest and pay their dues.

  4. These are very interesting points. It reminds me of a special on nepotism I saw on ABC a couple years back.