Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

What thoughts go through your mind when you first view this photo?



  1. I think somebody is pretty smart and creative. How long would we walk barefoot with sandal materials right at our fingertips and free!
    Have Paris Hilton wear them on the red carpet and they would be the hit of the fashion world.

  2. At first I thought 'what am I missing?'. Then I realized the sandals were recycled bottles. Very innovative, but incredibly sad.

  3. My first thought was "those poor people, I feel bad that they need to use makeshift shoes while I walk around in real shoes." then my second thought was "wow, that is incredibly inventive." still, I agree with Everyday Tips. There is more than enough charity and aid to feed and clothe everyone, but the problem is that a lot of it is going to pay government employees, and then a lot more of it is going to buy iphones and cars for those employees, and by the time these people see aid it's not very much, and what there is is mainly in the forms of handouts rather than empowering aid. That is the true tragedy... that these people don't have the proper structures in place to allow them to rise up.