Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Nastiest Campaign Season Ever? Not Hardly.

I'm growing extremely tired of all the attack ads on TV filled with half-truths, outright lies and vile personal insults. I guess I need to get TiVo so I can skip them. Mudslinging and politics just seem to go together. But this is hardly the worse campaign in the history of the republic. I've just hit the saturation point and the intense negative ads are having the opposite effect of what's intended-- I am starting to want to vote for the people being attacked.


  1. This made me laugh my ass off. What do these attack ads actually look like?

    I was just reading an editorial in The Globe and Mail which basically makes the case that things are just going to get more polarized from here on out, because it's the pro-business centrist democrats that were against many of Obama's policies that are going to lose their seats simply because they are affiliated with the Democrat party, not the leftist redistributionists (at least, according to the article).

  2. In my book, gridlock is a good thing. We've already had too many government mandated fixes for "problems." So if we have a split Congress after 11/2, no harm done. I'd rather see them throw rocks at each other than enact stupid laws that hurt the country.