Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Red Menace: Even Bigger Than You Think

The politicians in Washington either do not understand the magnitude of the debt problem they have created or do not care, thinking they can continue to kick the can down the road. The budget submitted by The President proved woefully inadequate when it comes to spending cuts. The administration's lack of seriousness is underscored by their request for a 315% increase in the in the Department of Health and Human Services’ public affairs propaganda budget. In fact, Obama's HHS Department is slated to spend $909.7 billion in 2011, which is more than the entire government spent in 1965 under LBJ at $822.6 billion in inflation adjusted dollars.

Neither party seems to be truly serious about cutting spending or has demonstrated they even have the faintest idea how to tackle the greatest national security threat to the nation. Business as usual in Washington seems to be in overdrive these days, and real change is still out on sabbatical.

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