Monday, February 7, 2011

Quote of the Day: Bill Gross

Financiers have lost their high ground and, if truth be told, we began to lose it a long time ago when we figured out that money was more than a medium of exchange or a poor substitute for a store of value. We figured out a turbocharged way to make money with money and proclaimed ourselves geniuses in the process. Well, we’re not. We may be categorized as “opportunists,” to be generous, but society’s “paragons” and a legitimate destination for a significant percentage of college graduates? Hardly. To paraphrase Paul Volcker, the only productive invention to come out of the banking industry over the past generation was the ATM.

~ Bill Gross, PIMCO Funds

Grouch: I'd probably add the index fund to the list in addition to the ATM, but I wouldn't expect an active manager to come up with that one.

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