Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Epic Failure: Detroit Public Schools - Episodes 4 & 5 - "Kids Aren't Cars"

Imagine an education system that spends over $1 billion a year and graduates students who cannot read their diploma. It's happening in Michigan's largest city. We meet one of those graduates and the leaders trying to help him. We also show the powerful interests that continue to fight to put the interests of adults first.

Continuing on the theme that education in the US has primarily been designed to benefit the adults instead of the children, I was able to track down some compensation information on Illinois public schools (sorry, I couldn't find stats on Detroit).

These eye-popping pension numbers are like nothing I've ever seen in the private sector, except for the top 2 or 3 officers in a Fortune 500 company.  And the taxpayers of Illinois, most of whom earn substantially less than these fat cats, get the privilege of paying these pensions for year and years to come.  No wonder Illinois state taxes were just hiked 66%.


  1. Umm.... wtf? This is one of the reasons why I'm for a complete demonopolization and de-forced subsidization of education.

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