Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lewis and Clark Air Rifle

This gun, it could be said, changed the entire history of the United States


  1. Pretty amazing rifle although I think he overdoes it a bit. It is curious how Lewis & Clark made the journey and only lost one person. Undoubtedly the rifle played a role. Luck might have played a bigger role.
    If they had run into Comanches they might not have been so lucky. Also, the territory was ours. Lewis & Clark were trying to find a water route.
    Also I never bot into the firepower prevents conflict argument that much. That was used as a reason to build our nuclear arsenal during the Cold War. Today too many crazies have nuclear weapons. At least that's my take.
    Incidently, my son and I traced part of Lewis & Clark's journal a few years ago after reading "Undaunted Courage". It was an amazing trip.

  2. Interesting... maybe it was image and a combination of luck.

  3. I have no doubt this guy inflated the impact of the rifle, but its obvious he's a salesman and that's what salesmen do.