Tuesday, February 8, 2011

AOL: Still Crazy After All These Years

Before this deal was announced, I had honestly forgotten that AOL still existed.  I would be hard pressed to spell out how they make money.  They have bought a number of smaller websites over the past couple of years, but the big news earlier in the week was that they bought the liberal news site The Huffington Post for the eye-popping sum of $315M.  AOL has a history of making foolish moves with their cash and this acquisition may keep that tradition alive.  I think this large acquisition signals the beginning of the end for AOL, and will hitch the Huffington Post to a falling star.

Update: Since announcing the acquisition AOL has lost $315M in capitalization, proving that the market is an excellent discounting mechanism and recognizes a lot of hot air when they see it. Does this baffling deal mark a near-term market high for liberalism?


  1. Will probably be the death of HuffPo

  2. They killed WinAmp a looooong time ago.

  3. After dial-up internet went the way of the dinosaur, AOL has destroyed everything it has got its hands on. I don't think this will be an exception.