Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Uncommon Knowledge: Milton Friedman

He may have been gone for [five] years now, but Milton Friedman, the Hoover Institution website display indicates, remains one of the most popular interview subjects ever to appear on Uncommon Knowledge.

Oh, if only–if only. I understood that Milton was a great man, but when I knew him at Hoover–his office was just two doors down the hall from mine–I failed to grasp just how singular he was. No one else is even a little bit like him. I should have insisted on sitting right down with Milton and getting his entire life story on tape.

Still, we have this.

~ Peter Robinson
Recorded on February 10, 1999

Via Powerline


  1. An aside: why is it more fun to have the helmet off? Any ideas?

  2. Stupidity is the easy answer. But some people just have to exert their freedom and poke government and conventional wisdom in the eye.