Friday, September 23, 2011

Quote of the Day: Jim Clifton

Here is something almost nobody knows.

These all-important start-ups and shoot-ups don’t occur because of new legislation, new rules, more free money, or any other government tweaking. They occur during moments of unusually high inspiration. They are created by Americans seeking the great American dream.


They are created by people seeking independence and extreme individuality…freedom. Maybe that is why it is called “free” enterprise. And, these moments of start-ups and shoot-ups occur only in the presence of high confidence. High confidence in self, country and government. When six million small and medium-sized businesses lose their confidence, they stop growing. They stop hiring. Millions simply go broke.

Administrations, Congress and 10,000 American leaders across US cities do however create an environment of confidence and inspiration…or one of no confidence and misery. It is the job of leaders to create environments of high enthusiasm for enterprisers and emerging big-time rainmakers.

A country bankrupt of confidence can never come back. America will not come back until it experiences new historical highs in inspiration. More specifically, high inspiration toward entrepreneurship and free enterprise. There is no other way out. There will be no surge in start-ups and shoot-ups until leaders change the environment from its current state of no confidence to high confidence. When it does, America will come back, new good jobs will hatch.

~ Jim Clifton

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