Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sylvia Nassar: The Grand Pursuit

This video is a synopsis of Sylvia Nassar's new book on economics called The Grand Pursuit. I always find it very enlightening as to what material is presented and what is ignored. I must confess I'd wouldn't make a strong connection between Jimmy Carter and Milton Friedman, maybe Reagan, who gets no mention, but not Carter. It is also interesting that the beginning of the boom in living standards also marked the beginning of modern literary egalitarianism (Dickens) and theoretical egalitarianism (Marx), both redistributionists who held fast that the existence of want justified degrees of government interference with the economy to counteract what they perceived as hoarding by the rich. How little things change over time despite the dramatic increase in personal wealth and the rise of the middle class.

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  1. Interesting how Marx was very wealthy for his time and how his theories derived from fantasies in his head, rather than reality.