Thursday, September 29, 2011

Markets in Everything: Drainage Pipe Hotel Rooms

From Bit Rebels:
The space we occupy in this physical world is getting ever smaller while the space we take up virtually is getting ever larger. It’s quite interesting really how we’re migrating into the virtual world one step at a time. I am guessing in 50 years the world will look a lot different than it looks today. Japan is one of the leaders when it comes to compact living, and pretty much every week they announce some new “pod” for us to live in that has pretty much everything we could ever need. It’s also interesting to notice that the price for real estate, or rather the land that houses or buildings stand on, is getting higher while the real estate in the virtual world is getting cheaper.

Some people in the hotel industry have taken to their imaginations to come up with something to lure new customers and to get noticed in the flood of new buildings, hotels and apartment complexes. It is also something that will give us a new experience. Tubehotel is a company that truly knows how to come up with crazy ideas that just might work. It’s basically about drainage tubes converted into a bunch of hotel rooms in which you can get a whole new traveling experience to add to your collection.

They cost $50 per night, and even though there are rooms to choose from (on the bottom or on the top), they are pretty much the same size all around. It’s a brilliant conversion, and a fast one as well, by the looks of it. All you really need to do is add a few boards in the tube, and you have yourself a bed. There is no putting furniture together or even securing them to the wall. They are just stuck in place wherever you put them. And to top it all off… you will even have WiFi in your tube! It’s perfect for a weekend with your geek girlfriend. Hopefully these tubes were not recycled though… if you know what I mean.

Grouch: I don't think I'll be staying in one of these places on any business trips I take. Maybe as a novelty on a personal trip..... just to say I've done it, and who knows it may turn out to be a pleasant experience.... so where's the shower? Do they have room service?


  1. Interesting. Maybe we can make houses out of abandoned rail way cars, tractor trailer trucks etc.
    Those are some huge drainage pipes.

  2. My main concern as soon as I saw the article was 'where is the bathroom, you can't throw down boards to create one of those!'.

    I too will be passing, unless I am insanely desperate.

  3. It's like a big hamster wheel but with Wi-Fi! Lol. I doubt you can stay here during the day, since it doesn’t have a roof to provide protection against the intense heat of the sun.