Friday, August 13, 2010

1940's Americana

These 1940's color pics are an intriguing portrait of a bygone era.  Sometimes I like to look at old pictures to get a better understanding of what life was like back then and gage whether we as a society have rally made progress since that time.  No question our lives have become easier, filled with more leisure time and luxuries, but are we any better as a people?  In some ways, the answer is clearly yes, in other ways I think no as the family unit has become less important and influential.

Here are a couple of sample photos from this collection:


  1. Pictures are awesome. They brought back a lot of memories. It is truly amazing how much things have changed in 70 years.

  2. Robert, imagine from 1870 from 1940!
    The changes from 1940 to today are also vast, but also very subtle: The cars and planes look different today, but the concepts haven't changed much. On the other hand, check out how much information technology has exploded. We're commenting on a blog! That's a word that didn't exist a couple of decades ago ;)

  3. Yes, life is better. More convenient, easier and more technology. Life is better. If we stick to the foundations of work, family and God.