Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Started: Walgreens in Washington State Stops Accepting New Medicaid Patients

Wage and price controls never work. Just ask the Nixon and Ford administrations. They create shortages and scarcity. Washington State now provides another lesson for the central planners in government to ignore. The Seattle Times reports that Walgreens and Bartell Drugs chains are no longer accepting new Medicaid patients for prescriptions because “the state Medicaid program is reimbursing Walgreens below its cost to break even on nearly 95 percent of brand-name medications dispensed to Medicaid patents.”  It continues: “Washington was reimbursing pharmacies 86 percent of a drug's average wholesale price until July, when it began paying them just 84 percent.”


  1. What can we say? The baby boomers are retiring into a maelstrom (sp?). We don't have enough saved, medical care will cost much more than we expect and then finally, when we run out of money completely, we won't be able to get our prescriptions filled.
    It's going to get real interesting.

  2. My son has been accused of stealing twice embarrassed at front counter searched in public and of coarse they found nothing because he didn't and does not steal he has epilepsy and uses medical marijuana for seizure control they said he smelled like weed and he was obviously profiled they were rude and uneducated anyone else have negative experience at this store