Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sigmund Fraud: Are Tea Partiers 'Delusional' Addicts?

Taking journalism to new heights of ridiculousness, MSNBC host Martin Bashir interviewed Stanton Peele, a psychologist and an "expert on addiction," this afternoon, urging Peele to psychologically evaluate supporters of the Tea Party. "It reminds us of addiction because addicts are seeking something that they can't have," Peele said. "They want a state of happiness or nirvana that can't be achieved except through an artificial substance and reminds us of the Norway situation, when people are thwarted at obtaining something they can't, have they often strike out and Norway is one kind of example to one kind of reaction to that kind of a frustration."

Bashir later asked: "So you're saying that they are delusional about the past and adamant about the future?"

"They are adamant about achieving something that's unachievable, which reminds us of a couple of things. It reminds us of delusion and psychosis," Peele responded.

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Grouch: So if I understand this line of reasoning correctly, people who want the government to spend less and be more fiscally responsible are addicts because their delusional state of nirvana is ignoble and can never be achieved, while those who want to keep the deficit spending going, even though we will soon be $15 trillion in debt and our debt load has already reached 100% of GDP, are non-addicts and sane individuals because their state of nirvana is noble even though it can never be achieved no matter how much of other people's money they spend.

I think Einstein summed up the situation quite well: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." That is precisely where we are at with the spendaholic politicians in DC..... they keep doing the same old stupid things expecting different results and the taxpayer gets the bill for their delusional addictions. No wonder there is a growing body of people who are fed up with politics as usual.

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  1. Guess they're resorting to character assasination to try and reframe the debate and shift focus from the real issues.

    Didn't you know, war is peace, and ignorance is strength. ;)