Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paul Merriman: Choosing the Best Asset Classes

Paul Merriman performs a great service for investors everywhere by posting his investment workshops online. This first section covering asset allocation closely mirrors Merriman's book Live It Up Without Outliving Your Money!: Getting the Most From Your Investments in Retirement.

Section 1, Part 1: How to get the most from your investments in retirement

Section 1, Part 2: Successful investing is 99.9% defense

Section 1, Part 3, The Ultimate Buy-and-Hold Strategy

Section 1, Part 4: Portfolio 1, Benchmarks

Section 1, Part 5: Portfolio 2, improving the bonds

Section 1, Part 6: Portfolio 3, adding REITs

Section 1, Part 7: Portfolio 4, adding Small Cap

Section 1, Part 8: Portfolio 5, adding Value

Section 1, Part 9: Portfolio 6, adding international stocks


  1. Excellent series. Merriman is a great teacher of investment principles.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments and sharing my video series with your followers. I would like to speak with you about my new book, "Financial Fitness Forever" ( November 2011)and PBS pledge week show, "Financial Fitness After 50" that will begin airing in December, 2011. Please email me at paul@merriman.com if you would like to talk.
    All the best,

  3. I have to give Merriman credit for never straying from his concepts. Also his plan is all but ignored by the media. He should be a great asset to all investors, because of his common sense information.

  4. Merriman has been remarkable consistent in his message over the years, something to be admired in the investment world.