Friday, November 5, 2010

Nanny of the Month: Happy Meals Banned as Part of "Food Justice" Agenda

Last month the food police sued a North Carolina man for growing fresh vegetables, and early this month the Baltimore police issued their first trans-fat citation against a Chinese restaurant. Now we learn that San Francisco's food cops have committed a different kind of atrocity by making the City by the Bay the first major metropolis to ban toys in happy meals.

This month's top busybody is the pol who sponsored the ordinance to make happy meals sad, the one who hopes his "food justice" agenda goes nationwide.

Since when do governments have the right to tell us what our children can't eat? Isn't it up to parents not bureaucrats to determine what food is suitable for their kids? I think this is going way to far. What's types of regulations on consumer tastes are coming next? Where does it all end?


  1. I read about the Happy Meal Toy ban also. That is ridiculous. I suppose all Hohos will be confiscated from 7-11? (I love Hohos by the way)

    I wonder if McDonalds can sue or something?

  2. I think this is a very slippery slope. Once we begin to compromise our civil liberties, such as choosing what our kids eat, where does it end? Do we want the police telling us we can't use a particular cell phone because it may be hazardous to our health? Do we want censors dictating what shows we can or cannot watch based on a spurious association found by some organization with a political agenda? Yuck!

  3. Just what we need, another busybody politician that knows better than you do (you ignorant peasant you!)

    @Roshawn - I think we're largely already there. There are ongoing (armed!) government raids against private coops that specialize in raw milk, proposed legislation (not passed) against small-scale private food growing, the list goes on and on.
    The nanny state grows every year, and about the only way that I can think