Monday, November 22, 2010

In Search of.... The Coming Ice Age

Don't laugh, but just a few short years ago before the Armageddon of global warming there was the Armageddon of the coming ice age.  Humankind was doomed to extinction by global cooling.  How could the scientists be so wrong?  Or were they right back then and wrong today?  Or is it just that the scientists don't know very much about the weather and its ever changing patterns?  Or their computer models are not very accurate, and our knowledge of climate still very incomplete? For your viewing enjoyment, here is Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock for all you Trekkies (he's so smart there's no way he could be wrong)) narrating a special on global cooling:

My personal philosophy is this global warming hysteria is a bunch of hooey that will be proven wrong over time. But that doesn't mean we as stewards of the planet shouldn't pollute less and consume fewer resources. I do believe that peak oil is coming within the next 10 years if it isn't already here, and that carbon based energy sources will be much more costly to extract. It is vital that we continue the R&D efforts on non-carbon based energy resources in hopes of that disruptive breakthrough that will mean cheap, clean, and inexhaustible energy for the entire planet.

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