Thursday, November 18, 2010

The "Don't Touch My Junk" Controversy


Coming Soon to an Airport Near You: Prison-style strip searches?

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The more aggressive full body scan and/or pat-down at airports has been generating a lot of controversy and negative feedback from the commentators on the airwaves. As we approach the heaviest travel weekends of the year, the controversy is growing to the point that some are calling for boycotts of the full body scanners to force the TSA to do pat downs of all air travelers.

Will these changes in policy affect your plans for air travel? Will you be more inclined to pass up the airport and choose instead to drive to your destinations? I do very little air travel these days so I haven't personally experienced these new security measures. Would anyone care to share their experience?


  1. I rarely fly, but I will say a pat down is the least of my worries when I travel. Sure, I don't want to be groped, but I find flying stressful so I tend to focus on other issues. (My dad was a terrible flier and freaked out every time he had to travel. I think I inherited it through osmosis, although I hide it from my kids.)

  2. Hey...I think the Feds should be able to come into our house and pat us down. Big brother and big sister is here. Why am I paying for a massage?

  3. I must look suspicious or something because before this went into effect I was regularly getting patted down.

    I'm ready for it again this week...