Friday, September 18, 2009

IBD Poll: 45% of Doctors to Consider Retiring if Health Care "Reform" Inacted

In a poll conducted by Investor's Business Daily, doctors do not appear to have as rosy a view of healthcare reform as the AMA indicates.  65% of surveyed doctors oppose health care reform altogether, while 71% do not believe the government's claim that it will save money and provide better quality of service.  If these stats weren't enough to give one pause, there's the even more shocking number that 45% would consider retiring or moving to another line of work.  The prospect of "free" health care for a significant number of people will only drive up the demand for those services, and if the supply shrinks Econ 101 tells you what will happen, and it will be apparent for all to see that costs are going higher with the taxpayer on the hook for even more money.

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