Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cap and Trade Equvilent to a 15% Tax Hike, to Cost Average Family Additional $1,761 a Year

According to the Taking Liberties blog on the CBS News Website, the Obama administration has concluded that enacting cap and trade legislation will be the equivalent of a 15% tax hike on the average American, increasing the average American family's energy bill by an additional $1,761 a year, or approximately $200 billion for the economy as a whole. Other estimates of energy bill increases have ranged from as high as $3,500 a year to as low as $800. Averaging these estimates will probably provide a more realistic number. Regardless of the number, Cap & Trade means Americans will have a lower standard of living in exchange for the hope of lowering global temperatures.

Bjorn Lomborg & Copenhagen Consensus Center believes Cap & Trade to be the least efficient and least effective way to deal with Global Warming. For his alternative ideas watch the video below.

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