Monday, December 31, 2012

Putting the "Fun" Back in Dysfunctional: Why I'm in Favor of Going Over the Fiscal Cliff

It's all about honesty. The country has been living a lie for the past 12 years, a lie that has gotten dramatically worse the past 4 years. Anyone who thinks the deficit can be closed merely by taxing the rich is a fool. Let's be honest-- there are two ways out of this mess: 1) the middle class must get soaked with higher taxes because that is where the majority of the money is, or 2) the fed must inflate the country out of the mess the politicians have created. My guess is the ultimate solution will be a combination of the two. The politicians will go to great pains denying they are raising taxes on the middle class, while doing it quietly behind the scenes in the most indirect ways they can. There is no way the country can keep spending $1.50 for each dollar in taxes they collect. When is the last time you heard anyone propose any real spending cuts? Prepare to get soaked.

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