Monday, June 13, 2011

My LeBron Prediction Comes True

As part of my predictions for 2011 (see, I stated that LeBron James would not win an NBA championship this year in spite of and because of all the hype surrounding his move to Miami. The gods always have a way of bringing mere mortals back down to earth. I never would have guessed that the Mavs, known for playing "soft" basketball over the years, would outperform the vaunted threesome so dramatically in the 4th quarter of the championship series with Nowitski and a bunch of role players. Hubris is a harsh mistress.

My next prediction is that LeBron will win the NBA championship at least once with the Heat in the next five years, but only after he swallows some humble-pie, and the Heat get some better coaching, a beefed-up bench and a center who can rebound and play defense.


  1. Good prediction. LeBron looked lost throughout the series. I guess the pundits are right - it's difficult for superstars to play together. Even Wade dissappeared for long stretches.
    Good series though.

  2. I like LeBron quite a bit when he played for Cleveland and didn't have much talent surrounding him. But the whole spectacle of him deciding what team to play for when his contract ran, the hour-long TV special really turned me off.