Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Land of the Free? California, New York and New Jersey Rank the Lowest in Individual Freedoms

The National Anthem might use the words "The Land of the Free," but many states are not living up to this lofty goal.

In a study conducted by the Virginia based think tank, the Mercatus Center, New York, New Jersey and California are ranked the least free states in the U.S., based on an index of public policies affecting your individual freedoms. I can't say I'm surprised by these results after observing the political scene for a number of years. The states that tend to be the most "progressive" do so at the price of personal liberty. In contrast, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Indiana are ranked the most free states.

New York is far and away the least free state, has the highest taxes, and over the past decade had the most resident leave to go live in other states.  The study recommends that NY should legalise same-sex partnerships, cut spending, privatise transportation systems and cut taxes.

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