Friday, April 29, 2011

"Truth, Justice and The American Way" Is Just Not Enough Anymore?

In a sign of the times and in perhaps a marketing appeal to sell more comics outside the US, the comic book geniuses at DC comics have decided that Superman will renounce his American citizenship because he is tired of being perceived around the world as a tool of US government policy.

The Superman I grew up with wouldn't give a hang about how anyone perceived him as long as he was a force of good in the world.  But times have changed.  The enemy is no longer the comrades behind the iron curtain; it is something that lurks in the shadows and is hard to identify.  And almost everyone around the world seems to want to embrace the American Way of economic and political freedom, consumer choice and an educated, prosperous middle class.  The Superman I knew as a child would not respect or yield to the corruptocrats at the UN.  He would want to clean up the corruption.  As the IMF indicated in one of its recent reports, The Age of America as the world's only economic Superpower seems to be coming to end through a long series of self-inflicted wounds at the hands of our own corruptocrats.  Is Superman just a leading indicator of the demise of America?


  1. Oh my gosh, this makes me so angry! How does one 'renounce' their citizenship anyway. No matter what, I was still born in the US.

    I want to slap Superman.

  2. The superman we know is no longer the superman we know!