Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Everything's Amazing But Nobody's Happy

Isn't it amazing how capitalism has allowed technology and prosperity to spread to the masses and yet no one seems happy. When I was a kid the pace innovation seems glacially slow compared to today, but I can remember how thrilled I was to watch color TV for the first time, to see the blue and white uniforms of my beloved Baltimore Colts as they marched down the field to score another touchdown. People today have no clue just how lucky they are. We don't even need to carry cash in our wallets to buy every little thing our heart desires. And maybe there is a downside to this. Because it is so easy to acquire things today, all those tiny, miraculous machines, we have little appreciation of these minor miracles that make up our everyday lives, these inventions that were not even a glimmer of thought in someone's mind twenty or thirty years ago.


  1. Great clip. Part of the problem I think is that we've become soft and lost our hunger and now we are competing with people who are willing to do jobs we don't want and work harder than us.

  2. I saw this a few months ago and I thought it was great. Americans "need" things that didn't exist 30 years ago. I think a great remedy is to unplug and go into nature, and realize that you don't need much more than food and shelter. Then you can appreciate things like internet and electricity more.

  3. Yeah, I love this clip. My favorite part is "you're sitting in a chair ... in the sky!".

    The older I get, the lower my depression sympathy is getting. Really, you had a bad day? Are you breathing? Are you a quadriplegic? No? Then fricken get over yourself!!!