Tuesday, July 3, 2012

YTD Performance of Diversified Portfolio at the End of 2nd Quarter

At the end of the 2nd quarter, our diversified sample portfolio returned 6.04% so far for the year. This represents a 2.5% decline for the quarter. Given the volatility and general economic uncertain both in the US and abroad, investors should be satisfied with this level of return in a moderate risk portfolio.


  1. I see so many people with large sums invested in money markets at practically zero or CDs at 1% for 1 year. The differential is significant. In the past people seemed happy getting 9% when money markets were 4%. Go figure.
    I also see young people who don't invest because they see investing as a losing game. When someday they turn 60ish they'll be the ones complaining with the loudest voices.

    1. Hardly any incentive to save these days with CD and money market rates as close to zero as anytime in the nation's history.