Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paving the Road to Hell


Just look at all the jobs that have been abolished by the minimum wage—good and worthwhile jobs for those who are taking their first step on the economic ladder. Movie ushers, gas station attendants, caddies, fruit pickers, dishwashers, fast food help, and a wide variety of other entry-level job opportunities have been either cut back or eliminated because the minimum wage has rendered them unaffordable. How tragic this is, when you consider the true value of these low-level jobs to young and unskilled workers.

~ Roger Koopman

Or Walter Williams on his early years in a Philly slum:

None of these jobs paid much, but then I wasn’t worth much. But the real value of early work experiences is much more important than the little change a kid can earn. You learn how to keep a job. You learn how to be prompt, respect and obey superiors, and develop good work habits and attitudes that can pay off in the future. Additionally, there is the self-respect and pride that comes from being financially semi-independent.

~ Walter Williams

Or Williams again:

It is important to note that most people acquire work skills by working at “subnormal wages” which amounts to the same thing as paying to learn. For example, inexperienced doctors (interns), during their training, work at wages which are a tiny fraction of that of trained doctors. College students forego considerable amounts of money in the form of tuition and foregone income so that they may develop marketable skills. It is ironic, if not tragic, that low skilled youths from poor families are denied an opportunity to get a start in life. This is exactly what happens when a high minimum wage forbids low skilled workers to pay for job training in the form of a lower beginning wage.

~ Walter Williams


  1. Well done video. The very same people who push the minimum wage rant against chronic unemployment. They can't see the connection. They would probably say it's politically incorrect to say someone isn't worth the minimum wage. So Simon meanders off and is paid $0/hour.

  2. I would like to comment about the minimum wage.. Please those of you that do not believe in a minimum wage please do not spread misinformation about it Did you know that in states where their minimum wage laws mirror the federal minimum wage laws you can hire and pay anyone under the age of twenty 4.25 hour for the first ninety days that they are employed. Let me repeat that Did you know that in states where their minimum wage laws mirror the federal minimum wage laws you can pay anyone under the age of twenty 4.25 hour for their first ninety days that they are employed. Well now you know ok. Did you know that most states make exceptions for very small companies that have sales below a half a million dollars a year. These companies are not even required to pay the minimum wage. This would most likly be over half of all small businesses in other words over half of all the small businesses in the country are exempt from paying the minimum wage. Well now you know. I would suggest a simple solution to the minimum wage do not spread misinformation about it.wage issue. Instead of requiring a company to pay the starting minimum wage of 7.25 hour allow them to phase it in by simply starting a employee out at 6.00 hour 5.75 for anyone under eighteen and than increasing their pay by 25 cents a month until it reaches 7.25 hour. It will take five months to reach 7.25 hour by doing this it will give the employer a little bit of time before they are required to pay the full amount. In other words while the employee is learning the job and is not yet as productive as the more experenced employees they can be pay a lower rate of pay for up to five months. I would also make exceptions for seasonal workers that are employed only for 60 days or less they can be paid 6 dollars an hour for up to sixty days. 5.75 hour if their under eighteen. I believe that this is a very reasonable compromise between the employee and employer. One other thing their is overwhelming public support for the minimum wage. Illinois had a referendum on increasing the minimum wage on the ballot over 85% of the voters supported increasing the minimum wage.