Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jim Rogers: Not buying the Facebook IPO

Some highlights:

Facebook will be a very expensive stock. He believes it will IPO at 25 times next year's SALES!

In the states the election this fall means money pumping is coming this year. What we need to worry about is 2013.

He believes a zero-percent interest rate policy is a terrible mistake as it destroys the motivation for people to save--- and destroys the saving-class that is need to fuel future economic growth.

Grouch: I will not be buying the Facebook IPO either. I dislike Facebook for many different reasons and it will be a shooting star.

Couldn't agree more with Roger's comments about zero-rate interest policy destroying the saving class and hurting seniors and retirees.

1 comment:

  1. I am not going to invest anything in them. For me it is very hard understand how do they make money and return on them.

    More over in the longer term, it is so easy to come up with alternative idea, different arrangement and the people with go there.
    I do believe that there will huge inflation down the road, but if it will (in the USA) it will be very difficult time for everybody.