Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quote of the Day: ABC News

At a million-dollar San Francisco fundraiser today, President Obama warned his recession-battered supporters that if he loses the 2012 election it could herald a new, painful era of self-reliance in America.

“The one thing that we absolutely know for sure is that if we don’t work even harder than we did in 2008, then we’re going to have a government that tells the American people, ‘you are on your own,’” Obama told a crowd of 200 donors over lunch at the W Hotel.

“If you get sick, you’re on your own. If you can’t afford college, you’re on your own. If you don’t like that some corporation is polluting your air or the air that your child breathes, then you’re on your own,” he said. “That’s not the America I believe in. It’s not the America you believe in.”

ABC News, from Obama: If We Lose in 2012, Government Will Tell People ‘You’re on Your Own’

Grouch: All I can say is thank goodness the country wasn't founded on self-reliance and individual responsibility. Who cares about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as long as Big Brother is there to take care of us. That's all that counts...... (Side note: Kind of ironic Obama is at the "W" hotel soliciting money.....)


  1. How is it NOT socialism if one is suggesting that it is the government's role to take care of people?

  2. I've always had the philosophy that you should live your life and plan your finances as though you are on your own, and will always be on your own.

    At some point this country is going to have a serious debate (maybe a knock-down, drag-out fight) about whether we want to become Greece or Hong Kong, and how large and broad should the safety net be, and what areas shouldn't the government be spending taxpayer money on. The government can't be all things to all people without destroying the country's finances and the currency. This continuous expansion of government into student loans, healthcare, fill-in-the-blank is unsustainable. People are going to have to be more self-sufficient and stop looking to politicians to take care of them.

  3. Wow looks like things are going to hell in a handbasket as soon as Barack is out. My air we be polluted, I will be sick, my kids won't be able to go to college. Thank God he cares so much, especially since I have a senior in high school right now.

  4. @TheGrouch I actually like your philosophy a lot. It's a much safer approach.