Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Washington Redskins Name Controversy-- Where Does it End?

Much noise has been made recently from the politically correct media over the name of the Washington Redskins. Many people consider the term Redskins to be an offensive racial slur in spite on the teams long history using the name, and George Preston Marshal's intention to honor the team's first coach in Washington, Lone Star Dietz who claimed to be part Sioux. My intention here is not to argue over the merits of the Redskin name, though many younger Native Americans refer to themselves as 'Skins, but to explore the question of where does the political correctness end for the NFL. Here's a list of teams who other groups would find offensive:

  1. Kansas City Chiefs - same issues as the Redskins.  Chiefs is a derogatory term for Native Americans.
  2. New Orleans Saints - the atheists of American who have fought hard to remove God from the classrooms, courthouses and coinage should be fighting equally hard over this name.   Besides, anyone who has been to New Orleans knows it is less than a Saintly city.
  3. New York Giants - offensive to all the vertically challenged people in the world.
  4. Green Bay Packers - anyone with an urban dictionary knows why this is offensive.
  5. Minnesota Vikings - any cultures historically victimized by Viking raids will be offended by this name.
  6. Dallas Cowboys - Native Americans, cowgirls and other non-cowboys should take exception to this.
  7. Tampa Buccaneers - any cultures victimized by pirates should take offense.
  8. Cleveland Browns - another racially offensive term.
  9. New England Patriots - too similar to the term Tea Party Patriots, which every thinking person should find offensive.
  10. Tennessee Titans - same problem as the NY Giants.
  11. Buffalo Bills - another name that should be offensive to Native Americans.
  12. San Diego Chargers -  offensive to all people who can't manage money, from shopaholics to DC politicians.
  13. Oakland Raiders - offensive to all cultures who have been victimized by raiders, including Native Americans.
I call on Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, to yield to the political pressure and rename all of these teams in addition to the Redskins to something less offensive.

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