Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Donald: Made in China

Sometime Presidential candidate, and full-time showman and self-promoter, Donald Trump, is famous for his tough talk about China and import tariffs. In the above video he states: "When it comes to manufacturing, China is making all of these products. And they could be made in North Carolina, they could be made in Alabama, they could be made in lots of our places. And right now they’re not. Personally, I’d tax China very, very heavily."

So this begs the question, why doesn't his clothing line carry a made in USA label? What about all those wonderful jobs in North Carolina and Alabama that could have been created? Where's the substance behind the bluster?


  1. It would have been interesting if she would have asked him about his clothing line. I wonder how much those shirts and ties would cost if they were made in the U.S. She could have followed up and asked if goods from China are cheaper doesn't that give the U.S. consumer money to spend elsewhere thereby creating jobs in other industries.

  2. I am surprised to stumble across this video, as Chinese lobby is huge.
    About 40-50% financial bloggers are Chinese...

    I believe the non return point is passed and the battle is lost. The only way out is to create more sophisticated products,
    high tech,...however the science in America is all Chinese....

    Perhaps it is time to learn Chinese. But you can not become one, you have to be born...