Tuesday, June 1, 2010

YeZ concept car to inhale CO2 and exhale oxygen into the atmosphere

This concept car developed as a joint venture by SAIC and GM looks like a leaf on wheels, and it is designed to function much like a leaf.  It will get power from the natural sources of energy. The rooftop of the car will be equipped with solar panels and small wind turbines located on the wheels.  YeZ will also feature an advanced system that will inhale the CO2 from the surrounding air and exhale the fresh oxygen back into the atmosphere, in a fashion very similar to plants. The energy generated from all these means will be stored in the batteries that will further conduit it to the vehicle when on the move.  Whether this will actually turn into an affordable production vehicle remains to be seen, but the concept is interesting to say the least.


  1. This is a really neat concept. I hope it comes off of the assembly line soon!!!

  2. What we don't know is how fast it can go, how far it can travel, if it can operate on cloudy days, or what the crash test results are, etc. So I imagine a car like this is still many years from becoming a reality. But I agree with you, it looks pretty neat.

  3. My theory is that there are so many innovative products that we could develope in the information age if we could just get our macroeconomics from hurting us. As it stands we are probably going into a long term slow growth era where innovators will be hard put to come up with venture capital funds and countries become uncooperative because of mounting international tensions.
    Awesome car.