Saturday, June 5, 2010

Natural Gas Makes so Much Sense the Politicians Will Never Go For It

I don't agree with Cramer much, but he is right on the money with his thoughts on natural gas. It is the key to American energy independence and reducing the trade deficits in the short and intermediate terms while the technological glitches with renewable sources of energy are being worked out.

America should be running their cars and trucks on natural gas as well as heating homes and producing electricity.  The tepid response of politicians so far is disappointing, but they tend to like complex, expensive solutions that require heavy government subsidies to succeed.  Companies are already beginning to build out a compress natural gas delivery infrastructure for cars and trucks, but this needs to be accelerated.  Honda does make a Civic that runs off of CNG, but it is $5 - $7,000 more costly than its gasoline counterpart.

As oil gets harder and harder to find and extract, and with the disaster in the gulf, its time for American to start taking advantage of one of their great natural resources to cleanly meet their energy needs.  Let's hope that government, for once, will have some foresight and make a major move to champion this strategic American resource.

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  1. I agree absolutely...natural gas is the way to go. I like Boone Picken's ideas. I was even favoring his exploiting wind as an energy source.